the privilege of a lifetime

is to become who you truly are.


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Authenticity - /ô′thĕn-tĭs′ĭ-tē/



the quality of being genuine, original, real, actual, bona fide, trustworthy


"I am just an ordinary girl with an extraordinary story of faith, perseverance and triumph.  Don't let my pictures here fool you, I wasn't always this bold.  That was until I I finally decided to give up being perfect, for being authentically me.


This whole living authentic lifestyle is simply a byproduct of an effective fervent prayer life; coupled with learning, loving and embracing who I was created to be in the process."

I am a Christian, who happens to be a Licensed Professional Counselor-In Training.  I believe we were all created by design to fulfill a unique purpose in life - one that often gets in the way with masks of fear, failure, hurt, offense, unforgiveness, abuse, to name a few.   I don't take your mental health lightly, and am passionate about helping you to reach and maintain a level of authenticity that is only found with introspection. 


My core areas of focus are:

Inner healing, Depression, Self-Care,

Group Psychotherapy, Work. Life. Balance


Personal Strengths


  • Authenticity - This doesn't come without work.  In fact, it was years before I stopped hiding from who God called me to be and walked in my purpose.  Authenticity is not compromising your values or your worth for the sake of pleasing others.  It is looking yourself dab smack in the eyes and noticing your flaws, yet realizing, that flaws and all, you are going to be okay.  By learning to be my true and authentic self, I am able to create a safe place for those around me to do the same, with absolutely no judgement or pretense.  

  • Do IT Scared -  This is my personal mantra.  If we are not careful, fear can suffocate and even become debilitating.   Unlike many, I didn't have a fear of failure.  I had mastered it.  Yet, it was a fear of success.  Yep, that's right, success, and I could not seem to find my way up.  That was until I learned to "do it scared."  Without going into detail, let's just say, I had to go for it.  As we work together towards your personal healing, I will challenge you to dig deep and find that thing that scares you the most, then with your eyes wide shut, trust that God has you and jump!

  • Seeing The Glass As Half Full -  Your perception is your reality.  How you see things will determine how you chose to live life.  Once I was able to see my life through God's lens, I never saw the glass as half empty.  It stayed practically full.  I find joy in helping others see get to the place where they too, see the glass as half full 

Work with La Tanya

La Tanya D. Walker_Ministry


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  • Speaking Engagements

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Bio Highlights: 

  • Prophetic Voice

  • 20-year entrepreneur/business owner, 5 successful businesses and 1K clients coached since 2008

  • Professional Life Coach & Coach Trainer
  • Mentor to Women Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
  • Board Certified Christian Counselor & Trainer
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Published Author

  • Licensed Professional Counselor in Training, 2021 Cohort for Master of Education: Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas

  • Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Business & Religion