Have you ever had a confidential conversation with God?

There has never been a biblical account where someone had a conversation with God that wasn't life changing and thought provoking.  Moses, Samuel, Mary (Mother of Jesus), and Jesus all had confidential conversations with God and as a result:

  • a people who were enslaved for 400 years were set free;

  • an ordinary man became a prophet to kings;

  • a virgin teenager became pregnant without having sexual intercourse;

  • and one man died for the remission of the sins of the entire world.

You too can have a life altering, thought provoking conversation with God!  Confidential Conversations, a 21-Day Devotional was designed to walk you through the process.  This devotional will enable you to take off the mask that has you tied to an unfruitful past and frees you to live the life God designed for you unapologetically.

Confidential Conversations 21-Day Devotional:

  • Is powerful and practical. Although it reads like a book, treat it as a devotional, taking each chapter, day-by-day.

  • Get personal - Each week of bible study for women includes questions, as well as a prayer, a highlighted verse, or actions you can take to help deepen your faith or overcome difficulties you're facing.

  • Includes an area called "Unveil the Mask" - At the end of each day, there is Scripture to encourage you.  Use this time to reflect, journal, meditate, or have a conversation with Abba.





God Wasn't Through Talking and Neither Was I

 Newly released eBook, Confidential Conversations: The Last Nine,  are nine life-changing conversations Author La Tanya D. Walker had with Abba that unlocked her purpose and catapulted her into this newly found place of authentic living; and promises to unleash, unlock and activate your life's purpose as well!  It is the perfect combination to complete the first 21 days of devotion. 

Whether used them as an interactive bible study for women alone or in a group setting with the girls, Confidential Conversations series will help you unveil what's hidden and set the tone for living life on purpose.




 Thank you for your obedience to write and publish this book.  Confidential Conversations title gives a feeling that you are entering a safe place.  The transparency that is read page after page inspires others to tell their truth  to share in a way that encourages other women.  Confidential Conversations is liberating, delivering, life-change and a MUST READ. Hats off to you my sister. Well done.  I love you and am proud of you! 

Lady Dion Senter

 Confidential Conversations brought all my emotions into a place of hope. Not totally healed but it gave me the will power to let a lingering self-destructive relationship go. It placed me on a pursuit to reclaim my purpose that God truly has for me. For once in a long time  I have direction and the will power to push. I encourage you to get ready for this power packed petite book of Glory ... Don't miss out. Get your copy. Carry an extra copy to bless someone. 

Rhodesia Olford

 I have enjoyed reading Confidential Conversations.  It truly expresses the private areas of your life with God and will minister into the unveiled areas in the lives of many others.  Your transparency is a blessing and will aid others to be set free by the power of God. and walk in their liberty.  

Pastor Flora Skipwith

100% of book sales is used to support those who cannot afford individual and group counseling services

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