Author, La Tanya D. Walker is an ordinary girl, with an extraordinary story of faith, perseverance and triumph.  A story she often shares with religious and women's groups, corporate events and conferences. 


Across her social media platforms, blog and other literary work, she is known for her commitment to empower women in ministry and the marketplace, through prayer, to be healed and set free of fear and life-altering inhibitions that are keeping them from a life that is authentic and on purpose.


She is a servant leader in her community, Minister of the Gospel, international podcast host and serial entrepreneur.    

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 Newly released eBook, Confidential Conversations: The Last Nine,  are nine life-changing conversations Author La Tanya D. Walker had with Abba that unlocked her purpose and catapulted her into this newly found place of authentic living; and promises to unleash, unlock and activate your life's purpose as well!  Purchase your copy today! 

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Have you ever had a confidential conversation with God?

There has never been a biblical account where someone had a conversation with God that wasn't life changing and thought provoking.  Moses, Samuel, Mary (Mother of Jesus), and Jesus all had confidential conversations with God and as a result:

a people who were enslaved for 400 years were set free;

an ordinary man became a prophet to kings;

a virgin teenager became pregnant without having sexual intercourse;

and one man died for the remission of the sins of the entire world.

You too can have a life altering, thought provoking conversation with God!  Confidential Conversations, a 21-Day Devotional was designed to walk you through the process.  This devotional will enable you to take off the mask that has you tied to an unfruitful past and frees you to live the life God designed for you unapologetically.



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