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The Foundations of Christian Coaching
This module studies Christian coaching, what makes a good coach, core coaching skills, and the Live Authentic You coaching process.


The Skills of Christian Coaching
This module defines coaching, the coaching relationship, what coaching is, and is NOT.

Managing Coaching Meetings

This module covers meeting rules and etiquette

Conversations in Coaching

This module covers effective coaching conversations

Listening Skills

This module covers the importance of great listening skills and the effects of good listening

Questioning Skills

This module covers what makes a great question, the most effective way to ask and most common mistakes in questioning.

The Coaching Process
This module covers conversational models, the Life Wheel, SMART Goals, and defining problems.

The Authentically You! Coaching Process

This module evaluates where you want to be, developing unshakeable confidence, building a detailed plan of action, then doing it scared.

Rapport Building

This module covers how to accelerate rapport and establish trust

...and more

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