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Group Therapy - Women

This monthly group is ideal for women who are currently not in crisis, but are seeking suppor.t.  The group consist of small groups of women coming together to support and encourage one another while growing in the process. Whether it's inner healing from a personal setback, mental wellness, relationships, clarity on a project or a ministry idea, sisters in your group are there to support, encourage and help guide you through the process.    

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Group Therapy - Girls

Just as women, teen girls suffer from low self-esteem and they too hide behind a plethora of masks to fit in.  Counseling groups are a great way for teens to connect and relate over common struggles and issues, depression & anxiety.  They are also a great way to make friends, increase self-esteem, promote self-awareness and positive self-image, help with coping skills, communication skills, and connecting with other teens on similar issues.

Authentically You!

Individual Mentorship Program

A three (3)-month individual mentoring program designed to meet your personal/professional needs.  Authentically You development plan helps you to pinpoint fears from past failures, ideas and dreams, and develop strategies allowing you to take actionable steps to move into their growth zone as a leader.  


***Fees are monthly and require a 3-month commitment***

Format: Live via Zoom

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BuildHER Business Mentoring

Exclusive Face-to-Face Mentorship Experience

You own your own business, NOW WHAT? 


BuildHER Business Mentoring may be just for you.  Glean from over two decades of experience as an entrepreneur and business owner that will help catapult your business to the next level.


Limited Space Available

Format: In-person