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LORD, Teach Me How to Pray
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Ever asked yourself, "why aren't my prayers being answered, "how do I pray effective fervent prayers, or just wanted to learn how to pray?"  ​You are not alone.   In her newest book, LORD, Teach Me How To Pray, author La Tanya D. Walker uses simple, yet effective strategies to produce a practical guide for an effective fervent prayer life; allowing the reader to become comfortable praying and if practiced, receiving the long-awaited answers to their unanswered prayer.   

Confidential Conversations 21-Day Devotional

Have you ever had a confidential conversation with God?  There has never been a biblical account where someone had a conversation with God that wasn't life changing and thought provoking.  Moses, Samuel, Mary (Mother of Jesus), and Jesus all had confidential conversations with God.  You too can have a life altering, thought provoking conversation with God!  Confidential Conversations is a 21-Day Devotional was designed to walk you successfully through the process.  This devotional will enable you to take off the mask that has you tied to an unfruitful past and frees you to live the life God designed for you, unapologetically.

Confidential Conversations: The Last Nine
Pair with 21-Day Devotional for Complete Set
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It’s been a little over two years since I have shared the last conversation and just when I thought the conversations were over, as fate would have it, God wasn’t through talking and it appears neither was I. The last nine promises to be as real and transparent as the first twenty-one, tapping into all five of your senses - hitting you at the core of your being and driving you to, like me, get real about your inner healing and this time once and for all take off your mask(s) for good and become authentically you. This time the questions are different, His responses and His tolerance are different. Unlike the last missive, where He exuded more patience, let’s just say... Well, I won't! GET THIS eBOOK and find out what the Father had to say and I how responded! IF you haven't read first 21, pick up a copy while you're at it.

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