the two shall become one flesh

therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife


Marriage counseling, or couples counseling, has as its ultimate goal: the healing, strengthening and development of healthy marriages. 

Benefits of Marriage Counseling:

  • To recognize God’s use of the marriage relationship to create growth in us as individuals

  • To recognize and change vicious cycles and patterns

  • To identify patterns that may be related to family of origin issues

  • To give couples tools to use at home so that therapy is not needed in the future

  • To increase intimacy and heart connection in the marriage


Marriage Counseling is good for:

  • Those who may be going through a difficult season and needs some help to work out their problems

  • Couples whose marriage is overall doing well, and could just use a tune-up or some enrichment
  • Couples counseling is also for those who are preparing for marriage and want to lay a strong foundation. 

Couple in Love
A Date in the Forest

Considering that marriage is one of the most important and challenging aspects of our lives, it is important that it starts on a solid foundation; and that you and your potential mate are on the same page spiritually.

We offer in depth premarital counseling.  It includes:

  • A thorough assessment to identify any strengths and problem areas,

  • Individual/group dialogue that aid the couple through any expectations​

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