All too often we lose ourselves conforming to societal viewpoints, albeit in ministry or the marketplace and we embrace what the world dishes out and that doesn't have be the end of our story.  If fighting you is the common denominator in your life, business or ministry and it is keeping you from being who you were purposed to be - mentoring with La Tanya is for you!  It is pure authentic coaching and mentoring that will push you to the limits, give you time to embrace your new reality and then push you some more until you have achieved ultimate success!  Our overall mission is to educate, impact and empower entrepreneurial-minded women in ministry and the marketplace to learn, grow and achieve spiritual, personal, financial and professional success.  As your ministry and marketplace mentor, I am poised and committed to your overall success and well-being; mind, body and spirit.  Working one-on-one with me provides immediate inspiration, serious results and lasting knowledge to the woman who wants to emerge and live life authentic and on purpose.

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of a person, action, or idea, showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous; dauntless, brave, fearless

be Bold
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I have been through the fire and came out like pure gold.  There is a lioness ready to roar in every one of  us; prepared to show an act of courage, but for many, if not all of us, life has thrown a few curve balls and bold and courageous are no longer words that are a part of our genetic makeup.  Authentically You! Coaching Academy is offering a private 10-month program and 6-month group mentorship program designed to help you reshape your thinking and regain your footing for a bold and authentic lifestyle.   

Over the course of the program, we will navigate through systems and barriers that have affected your natural ability to be bold and courageous in every aspect of your life.  You will be pushed to the limits and empowered to take risks - and if applied, the principles learned will allow you to conceive and give birth to your brilliance!



very bright and radiant, shining, blazing, dazzling, light; ​exceptionally clever or talented, gifted, genius, accomplished, ingenious, masterly, inventive, creative

be Brilliant

We were all created to produce and have an innate ability to birth something brilliant.


There is no one-size fit all in mentoring, yet through varying programs and training, you will walk away with deliberate and intentional disciplines for everyday living in ministry and the marketplace.

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pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically, attractive, pretty, nice-looking, pleasing, alluring, prepossessing, of a very high standard; excellent.

Be Beautiful

Generally, when people think of beauty they think aesthetically, looking at one's outer and not their inner.  Yet, it is the inner beauty that reflects the outer beauty.  We have developed unique programs and training that will empower you to you take off every mask you've worn: masks that speaks to not being good enough, pretty enough, or worthy of who you were called to be; and embrace the outer you, flaws and all. 



​of undisputed origin; genuine, original, real, actual, bona fide, true

This won't come easy or without work!


Being authentic is being true to you, know matter what anyone else thinks of you.  It's not compromising your values or your worth for the sake of pleasing others.  It is looking yourself dab smack in the eyes and noticing your flaws,  yet realizing that flaws and all, you are going to be okay.   It's mastering the two letter word, NO without worrying about being called a name that is not a part of your birth right.  Last, but certainly not least, it's about being unapologetically you!

You will cry and may even won't to quit, but for those who put in the work, the end-result will be a lifestyle that is authentic and unapologetically on purpose.

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Seat at the Table
  • You need assistance with work, life balance and spiritual balance

  • You feel stuck and need to emerge!

  • You own and operate a high growth business/corporation

  • You are an established six-figure earner with a minimum of 3 years with a high-growth business

  • ​You have ever been told, you're not good enough, pretty enough or capable enough

  • You are ready to break-free of inhibitions or self-induced roadblocks

  • You are wearing masks just to keep the world from seeing the real you

  • You are in an executive leadership capacity in ministry or the marketplace

  • You have low or no self-esteem and am tired of simply existing

  • You have been trying to make it work, yet things are just not jiving


​MY ROLE AS YOUR EXECUTIVE MENTOR is to help you discover the authentic you, empower you to push past barriers and embrace the call on your life to be a woman of influence and power,  teach you how to incorporate simple, yet effective strategies and affirmations to the timing of God on your life.  This comes with:

Quarterly mentoring with La Tanya D. Walker | Personal Development Implementing 5 Pillars of Authentic Living | Executive Leadership Development | Spiritual Development Strategic Planning & Time Management | Health & Wellness Management

Don't sound like much?  There's M O R E!   

After you've skimmed through the Perks below, contact us for more information to find out how gain your Seat At The Table!

  • Exclusive to only five (5) industry-specific PowHER House CEO's per quarter to maintain group integrity

  • Three month or 20-hours virtual intensive providing flexibility to join anywhere

  • (1) - Virtual CEO PowHER Planning session w/ La Tanya D. Walker  

  • (1) - Laser focused group collaborative for support and accountability

  • Executive training coupled with personal and spiritual development, and business leadership training

  • Bi-Monthly group mentoring calls
  • Monthly virtual meetups with La Tanya & friends who are leading in their field to share tips, tools, resources and support
  • End of program certificate of completion

  • Premiere seating at bi-annual Executive's Circle Business Luncheion

  • Private community of PowHER House CEO's to glean from

  • Invitation to Annual CEO Retreat

  • Income Restricted