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healing doesn't mean the damage never existed  

it means the damage no longer controls our lives. You get to help them heal




Become a Certified Christian Counselor with Live Authentic University on your own terms at your own pace.


Build a Christian Counseling Practice On Your Terms

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Live Authentic University offers quality training in a distance learning format that allows you to complete your training on your own time–in your home or office. This format has been designed to fit into your busy schedule. You determine your own class schedule and decide when and how you will study.

Complete the five courses listed below to become a Board Certified Christian Counselor.  After completing the formal admission process for a degree program, you may also transfer credits to degree programs of Christian Bible Institute & Seminary (CBIS). 


  • Counseling, Psychology and the Christian: This course studies the composite of the Christian with emphasis on the contrast between his mind, will, emotions, and the human spirit.

  • Christian Counseling 100: This introductory course addresses the local Church, the Christian counselor, and the Christian community. Suggested textbook – Competent to Counsel – Jay Adams

  • Christian Counseling 200: This course introduces the Bible as the most valuable tool that can be used in Counseling. Suggested textbook – Christian Counseling – Gary R. Collins

  • Counseling for Change: Covers a wide spectrum of counseling issues with avenues to bring about change in the counselee.

  • Building Strong Marriages and Families: A study of the importance of communication and the periphery things that, when lacking, tend to destroy a marriage.

2023 Tuition & Fees


On Your Own. At Your Own Pace


Installment Agreement NOT Available

LAU's Distance Learning Program is for you if:

  • You are capable of learning on your own

  • Need more time to study and prepare

  • You're a high achiever, ready to excel with more practice, education and advanced techniques

  • You are eager to work with ministry leaders and executive clients

  • You'd like to pursue an advance degree in Christian Counseling

​Here's What You Get:

  • Listed in LAU Counselors Directory

  • NACC Christian Counselor Certification

  • 100% On Your Own Correspondence

  • Full course material emailed to you

  • Instructional Assistant available for clarity

  • Unlimited email support

  • CBIS College Credits

  • Exclusive Member Portal

  • Course Exams Emailed to You

Working at Outdoor Cafe

Important Certification Notice

LAU Certification is NOT to be confused with state licensing. Most states have laws governing the practice of general counseling. These laws vary from state to state. The purpose of state regulatory laws is to protect the public and ensure professionalism within the counseling profession. LAU strives to attain the same goals, and more. As Christians we know that counseling with the Word of God is the only answer for a dying world, yet at the same time, we must purpose to operate within the legal guidelines set forth by state regulations. The state recognizes that counseling is one of the responsibilities of the local church. For this reason, the state does not interfere with the ministry of counseling, if counseling is provided under the following conditions: :: That the counseling service is provided through a legally organized/operated local church or a nationally recognized denomination. :: That the counselor is trained and commissioned by the legally recognized organization. For this purpose, LAU has partnered with the National Association of Christian Counselors to offer such certification.

Start Your Counseling Career Today!




LAU is its own entity operating separate from Authentic Perspectives Counseling, LLC

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