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What is included in the cost of training?

  • 10-week accelerated learning for Counselors

  • 8-16 week intensive learning for Coaches

  • Live Authentic University Coaches Kit, along with pertinent documents to assist in coaching

  • Certificate of Completion as a Personal Life Coach

  • Coach the Coach: laser-focused coaching with La Tanya

  • Live Authentic University Counselor's Kit, with pertinent documents to assist in counseling

  • Weekly access to training*

  • Wood-framed Certificate of Completion as a Board Certified Christian Counselor

  • One year annual registration, plus one year inclusion in the LAU counselor/coach directory ($75 dollar value)

  • 15 credit hours towards an Associates Degree in Christian Counseling* [additional information provided during orientation]

  • Priority shipping of certificate

What is your attendance policy?

Students are strongly encouraged to attend all session.  The certifying agency requires students to be in attendance throughout the duration of training.  However, one (1) documented exception will be granted for extenuating circumstances.  It is the students responsibility to get with teacher and/or peers for any missed assignments.

When and where are classes held?

Students meet every Monday, Tuesday or Thursday (depending on course), with the exception of holidays] from 6:00 - 8:00p.m. eastern daylight time (depending on the program).  Classes are held via LAU's  virtual classroom on Zoom.  There is a mandatory one (1) hour orientation the week prior to class that all students must attend. Failure to attend orientation may result in student being dropped from class and loss of any tuition and fees paid. 

Will there be any tests?

Yes, students are required to take a final exam at the end of the program.  Students will be given 2 hours to complete the final.  Upon successful completion, a virtual graduation will be planned.

What's needed to attend training?

  • Access to a printer (to print manual)

  • Laptop or computer

  • High speed internet access

  • Access to email

  • Must be in a private/stable place with on-video access

  • Cannot be driving while in class

  • A heart ready to receive

What is your payment policy?

Live Authentic University offers flexible payment options for those who wish to attend our program:  Offered at checkout.  If additional pay structure is needed please contact our office administrator.  

Students  who wish to enroll via our  flex pay plans must sign a payment agreement prior to the start of program.  For additional information, contact our office administrator, Coretta M. Fontenot at   


A student may withdraw from a certification program at any time. However, LAU requests that the intent be confirmed in writing. LAU has a No Refund Policy. All payments are non-refundable upon enrollment in one of our certificate.  All certification program requirements and financial obligations must be met before any certificate will be awarded




LAU is its own entity operating separate from Authentic Perspectives Counseling, LLC

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