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We Train,  Certify & License Christian Counselors and Life Coaches

Live Authentic University (LAU) can help you transform your career and the lives of others as Life coach or Christian counselor.

Our certification programs takes traditional life coaching and counseling and integrate a Christian worldview and business tools to help you build a successful ministry or coaching practice.  As Christian counselors and life coaches you will be equipped to help clients create effective positive change in all areas of life, based on the Word of God.  
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Live Authentic University is a co-ed counseling and coaching training center that train, certify and license men and women to become Christian Counselors and Life Coaches.  As a Christ-centered service organization we work with families, businesses, individuals, churches, as well as public and private sector organizations to provide Christian counseling, coaching.   ​Live Authentic University offers Board Certified Christian Counselor and Personal Life Coach certifications. Our certifications were established to support the current need of helping people regain a sense of hope and purpose for their life that is found in Jesus Christ. 

Our programs have been developed to integrate counseling and coaching fundamentals with advanced level tools and techniques; and are founded upon and directed by the Word of God.​

Earn a Certificate in Crisis 

LAU is now offering an 8-week certificate in Crisis Counseling & Suicide Prevention Classes are ongoing.



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Ten (10) Week Live Intensive

Program Highlights


  • Certificate is Board Certified

  • 10-week Accelerated Program

  • Online Learning

  • Online & In-Person Graduations

  • Once completed you will earn 15 college credits toward an Associates in Christian Counseling*

Those who complete the course will learn:​

  • REAL Help Skills: Learning to reach with discernment

  • How to assist with Truth Key Questions & Lead with Resources

  • When to Refer Severity of Symptoms

  • Legal & Ethical Standards of Christian Counseling

  • How to define Christian Counseling and its goals

  • The difference between Christian Counseling vs. Secular Psychology 

  • Counseling self-development

  • Introduction to Temperament Counseling



Eight (8) Week Intensive

Program Highlights​

  • 8-week online intensive

  • Access to LAU Coach's & Counselor's Corner

  • LAU Coaches Toolkit

  • Hands on Coaching & Role Playing*

Those who complete the course will learn:

  • Practical coaching skills and the coaching process

  • The art of listening and asking powerful questioning

  • How to direct/steer questions

  • 4/1/1/ goal setting skills and action planning

  • Rapport building and client relationship

  • Confidence building and fear busting

  • Legal & Ethical guidelines

  • How to incorporate Scripture into your client's coaching business 

  • How to structure your coaching business


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LAU Life coaching and counseling programs are combine the fundamentals of introductory, advanced, life coaching, wellness coaching and diverse range of healing modalities to help clients create effective positive change in all areas of life.

  • Life coaching tools and techniques to coach for balance and wholeness

  • Live coaching examples and exercises to give you confidence

  • Co-coaching sessions with coach, client and program facilitator

  • Counseling and coaching case studies for hands on experience to support clients

  • Forms and exercises you can use with your clients removes guesswork

  • Our unique Integrative Life Coaching approach creates a holistic coaching framework


LAU programs teach the basics of running a life coaching business or counseling ministry, giving you everything you need to start and be successful.

  • Immediately launch your own life coaching practice

  • Learn how to begin your own coaching practice

  • Learn basics of a running a coaching business, including legal, marketing, standards of practice, and more

  • Choose your own specialty or coaching niche

  • Learn how to bring coaching to your organization

  • Learn ethical guidelines and how to get liability insurance to protect your clients and your business

LAU offers both online and in-person life coach and Christian counseling certification programs. Our online courses are held live via Zoom and accessible from anywhere through your web browser while our in-person trainings are held nationally and internationally.
  • In-Person Training or Online Course options

  • Learn from the comfort of your own home with online course options

  • Access to instructors and online community for support or study groups


LAU offers research-driven counseling and life coach certification programs. Upon successful completion of the course includes counselor and coach certifications.  Our programs are updated regularly to stay current with new tools, techniques, research, and industry trends.

  • Accelerated online counseling course with up to 10 weeks to complete

  • Intensive 8 weeks* coaching course

  • Fees include printed board certified counseling and life coaching certification upon successful completion of the course

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Become a Life Coach or Christian Counselor today!

I recommend this program because of the open forum in learning about being a counselor. The interaction of La Tanya with the participants; her transparency and willingness to pour into each person individually. She makes sure that you have a clear understanding of the material before moving to the next chapter. There is so much more offered than what you can imagine. Not only does she inspire you to “do it afraid”, but she also pushes you out of your comfort zone and motivates you to dismiss all the doubting and strive to reach your goal.

Her insight and passion for what she does is genuine and she imparts so much into each person without asking anything in return. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to be a part of the Christian Counseling classes and received my certification. It was a great experience!

S. Oglesby, Certified Christian Counselor - Tennessee