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Leader you weren't meant to do ministry alone

“select capable men from all the people who fear God..."

EXODUS 18:21-22

You Weren't Meant to Do Ministry Alone
So Let's Do it Together!

For most forms of counseling, the goal for the counselor is to care for and empower individuals that may be walking through a new or difficult season(s) of life.  As mental health advocates, we partner with church/ministry leaders to determine the needs of the church in the area of mental health and develop a plan to provide small-group classes and large group presentations.  Training topics include, but are not limited to:


  • Anxiety/Stress Management

  • Coping with Depression

  • Soul Wounds & Healing

  • Crisis & Suicide Prevention




  • Training help educate church members and leaders about mental health issues, including common conditions, symptoms, and treatments, as well as ways to support mental well-being.  

  • Provide a healthy mental framework for processing life situations

  • Improve members relationships with others

  • Help facilitate behavior change in their respective lives

  • Develop healthy Biblical coping mechanisms

Church Aisles

God never intended for pastors and church staff to shoulder the burden of ministry alone. He designed the church to minister to itself
-Ephesians 4:16


Counseling ministry to help alleviate burden on leadership

Offer in-person and online classes to eChurch membership

Ongoing certification training program

Church lay counseling ministry


  • Provide mental health resources such as support groups, educational workshops and referrals to professional counseling services

  • Train church leaders and members on how to recognize and respond to signs of mental health concerns within the congregation

  • Share information on how to incorporate mental health education and support into church programming and events, such as Sunday services, youth groups, and small groups

  • Work with Church leadership in establishing in-house lay counseling ministry to offer member support as needed

  • Certify church leaders and members as Christian Counselors (crisis response training will also be provided) and Crisis Counselors

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