A Season of New Beginnings

There is certainly a shift taking place in the atmosphere. Hopefully you can feel it, because I sure can.

For the past few days, the words new beginning has invaded my think space. Whether driving in the car or perusing the aisles in the grocery store, these two words have become the focus of my attention. As these words continued to replay in my mind, I immediately attributed them with being anxious about crossing over from Winter to Spring both in the natural and spirit. Then I sensed the Holy Spirit speaking, “this is a season of new beginnings.” The more I gave thought to those words, a very familiar passage of Scripture came to mind in Ecclesiastes 3, that reminds us that to everything there is a season, a time for purpose under heaven; that He has made everything beautiful in its time, which speaks to new beginnings.

As I began to write, I sensed heavily the Lord speaking to those who have been in a season of testing. Albeit your faith, humility, health, or finances, etc., this season of testing has stretched you to the place you thought you were going to break. Well, hold tight, this is the month the Father is giving you permission to begin again, to start anew. For many, in your season of testing, you did not despise how the Lord humbled you. In fact, you embraced this humble place with humility, as well as a fervor that caused the seed in you to take root and grow, so...

Bloom Where You're Planted!

April is the month of the growing season, when trees and flowers begin to bloom. (What's been planted in past seasons will sprout and grow in this season). In this season of new beginning, you will be allowed to bloom where you are planted. This doesn’t mean you are going to be stationed in one place. No, quite the contrary, what this simply means is wherever you go (wherever your feet tread) and find rest (peace), it will be in that place you will bloom.

Let’s look at how Merriam Webster online dictionary defines the word bloom:

  • First and foremost, it is a verb, an action word. That is a clear indication that there will be movement/transition in this new season.

  • Secondly, it means to produce and to open. I sense as I write this, that as you become open to the things of God, you will begin to produce what is necessary to carry you through your next season

Not only will you bloom in this place, says the Lord, in this place of new beginnings, I [GOD], will prosper you. You have been seeking a fresh start – and for many, that time has come. Your season of testing has ended; and you have permission to begin again. There was a reason and a season for everything you endured, now is your season to start anew! To be reborn and to rededicate yourself to me.


A few weeks ago, I was sitting at my desk studying and I heard very clearly recalibrate. Immediately I thought of an engine in a car but was prompted to do a quick search of the word to capture its full meaning. Here’s what I found:

re·cal·i·brate | /ˌrēˈkalibrāt/: to change the way you do or think about something

Suddenly I heard, “Get used to BEHOLD!” (one of the meanings of the word behold is “feast your eyes). Set your eyes, there are new things that are about to happen, QUICKLY! New road/avenues) opening to you. There were things you tried last season, that didn't work, Abba, says, this time it will work! Be alert and know that just because He did things a certain way last time, does not mean He will do them the same way this time. In this new season, He is recalibrating your level of thinking about Him and the way you used to see Him. He is setting a new standard of hearing His voice. This is a time to be sensitive to His voice. Be sensitive to His presence, His feel, His touch - He wants to get to know you again.

More than ever in this season He wants relationship and not routine; substance and not quantity. (Ex: It's not about how often you pray, it's the quality of your time with Him that will make him happy). Cultivate that space and make it a time to commune one-on-one with Him to share. This will be a time where He will tell you the secrets His heart. When you know the secrets of His heart, in that place is where you find the secrets to yours!! INDULGE in Him! Love on Him! Get to know Him, as he wants to share so much with you in your secret place with Him.

I believe that as we enter into this season of new beginning, God is going to change the way we see Him.

Beauty For Ashes

As the seasons change, so shall your name change. I will give you beauty for ashes, because of your faithfulness. No longer will you be known by your past, but by this new season you will encounter. Just as the dew falls morning by morning, so shall my anointing fall afresh on you in this season of new beginning. While typing I began to sense a spirit of weariness. Then I heard the Lord say, “Don’t get weary, for you are about to enter into your season of rest. You, beloved have sown in tears. You have sown in deed, now it is your season of rest. No more toiling or tilling but reaping the fruits of your labor. My son enter into this place of rest. My daughter enter into this place of rest.

Be encouraged for the light of God's glory has risen upon you!

About a week ago during prayer, I heard the Lord say, Isaiah 60, so of course when I finished, I made a beeline straight to my Bible to hear what God had to say. And after what seemed like forever, the Holy Spirit spoke,

Arise! Shine!

You have hidden long enough.

Arise! Shine!

It is time for the world to see the mighty works of my hand in you! You have hidden who you are for far too long. COME OUT! Come out from that hidden place. My light has come. They will see the full manifestation of my glory. You have been tested. You have been proven, ARISE! GO FORTH! In full capacity!

Beloved, in this season of new beginnings, I believe the Lord is calling you forth from a place of obscurity where you have gone unnoticed. Some of you hid yourselves, out of fear of what others would say, while others hid you because they were afraid of who you represented in the Lord. Be encouraged beloved, go forth...

There is provision in the promised land

Be bold and be courageous as you move into your season of new beginnings. Abba has made His face shine upon you in that place. Not only is His favor there, understand that your provision and much more is in that place. That place [promised place,] He has prepared for you as a wealthy place. Provision in your wealthy place, reconciliation and healing are all in that place. Your name and your status will change in this place. Trust me, says the Father, for I have prepared this place for you. There will be no lack in this place for the doors are open unto you! Walk through them. You have been tested. You have been tried. Your place, this wealthy place - the promised place in your season of new beginnings is here!


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