Bruised but Not Broken

We, as women have fought long and hard to find and take our place in the world. We are movers and shakers, coaches and cheerleaders and so much more! You know, I'm every's all in me. While there is nothing wrong with that, it makes it hard for us to be honest when things go wrong. Yes, believe it or not, things do go wrong! However, the hardest part about being everything to everyone is that we have trouble being honest with ourselves.

It was not too long ago that I saw myself like the world saw brokenness; ugly, unwanted and useless. That was until I totally surrendered my all and decided I could no longer do life on my own. No, I didn't contemplate suicide, well at least not this time. Instead, I began to completely lean and depend on the power of God in every aspect of my life, because I tried doing things my way and as you can imagine it didn't work out. For years I had claimed to be a faith walker, but it wasn't until recently that I actually refused to look down. Until then, I was a hypocrite. The words I spoke and the things I said about myself to myself and others, didn't seem to line up with what my heart truly felt and I began to sink. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't seem to bust through the glass ceiling like many of my counterparts and in my transparency, I had fallen hard. I was spiraling down with no visibility of a safety net around to save me, and like many of you reading this post, I too, needed to put on a mask, because if nothing else, I was never supposed to let 'em see me sweat, right?

Here I was going on year 15 of my entrepreneurial career, with a business on the verge of attaining its first million in its history, a mentor to aspiring business owners - having received numerous awards and recognition for my success in business, but my life was in shambles. I couldn't take it anymore, so The Queen of Reinvention - The Olivia Pope of small business started on a personal journey to fix me, but this time unlike all the others, I couldn't make it click. I was broken, and I mean bad, but as God would have it, He wouldn't let me stay there; and instead He took what the world saw a broken and marred as fearfully and wonderfully made and began to process me for His purpose. Years later, I'm still being processed, but the journey is unlike any other I've ever traveled. I'm in my happy place knowing that there are indeed blessings behind my brokenness.

As you continue to read this and other intimate details about me, I want you to know it's okay to remove your mask and take a step on faith allow God to process you for purpose and walk unapologetically in it! Woman, the time is now to emerge! Emerge and come from behind the mask to be vulnerable, not for me or anyone else, but for God. Today, I am inviting you to drop the mask and get real with me, because like me, for years you have hidden behind a facade of perfection, acting as though you are all put together, so no one, even you sometimes know your fears, your doubts or your innermost dark secrets. Trust me, I've been there. I have been just where you are, and if you are not careful, it will suffocate you. Like me, many of you reading this post look like you have it all together, trying to be Super Woman, Wonder Woman, or even our girl Sasha Fierce. Yet, you are hiding behind masks of unforgiveness, depression, abuse, fear and failure; and up until now, you have been doing well holding on to your mask until "it" happens. The hand that is is holding the masks gets tired and slowly falls away, revealing the true you for the whole world to see. (Excerpt from Confidential Conversations 21-Day Devotional. Copyright 2016. La Tanya D. Walker Enterprise)

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