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Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Join the Conversation...Coffee-sations™: Around the Table w/La Tanya, a new Internet TV series featuring La Tanya D. Walker and a few of her girlfriends coming together to share their perspective on a wide variety of everyday life issues. Conversations are guaranteed to be real, authentic and transparent that will speak to internal struggles preventing women from living on purpose.

In season one, La Tanya talks Confidential Conversations from her recent book, Confidential Conversations, 21-Day Devotional. She shares with her audience various life-altering conversations she had with God that took her from a place of reinvention to restoration. La Tanya takes a no hole barred approach and shoots straight from the hip with unfiltered conversations about the plethora of masks women wear that prevent them from living their authentic selves. The Conversations are genuine, transparent, funny, thought provoking and life changing.

Season 2, kicks off Tuesday, February 5, 2019, at 9 p.m., central standard time around the table with La Tanya and a few of her girlfriends. You can also catch them live every Thursday via Facebook LIVE

About Coffee-sations™

What started out in 2008 as conversations with three girls, REALTORS to be exact, sitting around the table talking shop has since evolved to provide a forum where La Tanya and a few of her girlfriends from various makeups come together and share their perspective on a wide variety of topics. Table Talks in coffee shops, on patio's and/or other swanky locations around the country with a few girlfriends around the table talking just plain ole girl-talk about everyday life issues. The overall mission behind Coffee-sations™, is to be a voice that provide a safe place for unfiltered conversations where women can come and unveil, unpack and unleash internal struggles preventing them from living on purpose, while providing opportunities for personal growth.

Coffee-sations™ w/La Tanya air via Facebook every Thursday at 9 pm central standard time. For more information about La Tanya D. Walker, Coffee-sations™ or to purchase her latest book, visit her website

About La Tanya D. Walker

La Tanya is an ordinary girl with an exceptional story of faith, perseverance and triumph. She is a burgeoning author, Minister of the Gospel, prophetic prayer coach and a dynamic speaker. From her newly published book, Confidential Conversations 21-Day Devotional, a Woman's Journey to Living Life Unapologetically on Purpose, La Tanya tells it like it is shooting straight from the hip with straight talk, real talk about the masks women where that prevent them from a life of purpose. Through 21 intimate Conversations she had with God, Walker allowed Him to take her from broken to blessed; now she is on a mission empower women around the world to be authentically you!

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