Tested for Authenticity

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

While a few of us can relate to the pain that comes from an incurable disease – many, if not all of us know what it’s like to lose hope. In those moments it feels like life itself has no cure. When things appear to be getting consistently worse, rather than better. Your emotions and your will are tested for authenticity to see if you truly trust Him like you say you do.

During those times of testing, in those moments when God tests you, it’s a test to see if you can see beyond what you really see and trust Him like you say. But what happens when we fail the test, because we do…we fail? We make decisions that more often than not become painful, couple that with a few bad decisions and soon you’re there feeling hopeless, desperate and in some cases ashamed.

Yet, here is what I love about God.

He knows we’re going to fail and even still His love for us is never-ending. He’s right there as Daddy-God to comfort us; and unlike some tests we’ve taken and failed with no chance of doing it over, He allows us to retest! We get a do over! The God of second chances allows us to retest because He really wants us to succeed. His name is riding on us so it’s in His best interest that we prosper. And get this, we’re equipped to do it! However, in those times of retesting challenges similar to the one you failed will arise, so the question I pose is, “This time how will you respond?” Will you respond in fear or in faith? As I write, I am reminded of the story of Gehazi, Elisha’s servant mentioned in 2 Kings 5. We’re told Gehazi, a man filled with was tested in an incident with his Master, Elisha. If you can recall the story, Naaman, a well-respected military officer with leprosy went to Elisha to be healed. Upon receiving his healing, offered Elisha a large sum of money, yet Elisha refused to accept. Gehazi however goes and cons Naaman out of the money. Elisha finds out and strikes him with leprosy.

Here’s where he gets a do over. After being struck with leprosy, God puts him a similar situation where he was tested to see if he would pass and we’re told that Gehazi remembered his first failure this time choosing to share the goods of an abandoned city with his brothers and sisters.

Some of you reading this post are in a season of testing. Know that it is just that…a test, a test of authenticity. God’s way of maturing and perfecting what He knows is keeping us from purpose. Let Him test you knowing that in that test, it will be your faith in Him to produce endurance to keep going.

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