There was a time not so long ago, where I didn't know if I were coming or going.  The bottom of my world opened up and there I was falling, with no safety net to catch me...so I thought.  My life was in shambles and I didn't have the slightest clue how to fix it.   Oh!  I knew to pray, but either my answers weren't coming fast enough or not at all.


God was silent and I was having what I would like to call an outright "Job Experience." 

In His presumed silence, I FELL HARD,  

with recovery nowhere in sight. 

And after what felt like months of trying to fix it and me, I finally sat still long enough for me to hear a one-word mandate to


Not fully understanding how prayer was going to do it, because I was already praying and things weren't moving, yet, I submitted and allowed Holy Spirit to teach me how to pray.  Pretty soon my mouth and my heart matched, my prayers started to connect and as God proved himself, this one word would literally save my life. (Excerpt from the book: Confidential Conversations 21-Day Devotional)

Since then, I have been groomed to be a bold prayer warrior and fearless intercessor, transitioning into the Office of the Prophet.  I take a no holds barred approach when dealing with the stratagems of the enemy and I want to help you do the same!  As a prophetic teacher, affectionately dubbed, "The Prayer Lady™," I have a mandate to equip, train and activate the Body of Christ, to come back to their first love - Jesus; through effective powerful prayer.

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Do you want answers to your prayers?

Are you ready to have an intimate relationship with God?


The Prayer Portal is an online global incubator where prayer warriors, intercessors and those with a heart to pray gather to be equipped, trained, activated and nurtured for Kingdom service.


Founded in 2016 by La Tanya D. Walker as Women Who War School of Prayer, however since then has changed its name to The Prayer Portal to embody the full mandate on her life to teach "the Body of Christ..."  The Prayer Portal offers online group training/mentoring, and in-person intensives, in areas of prayer, intercession and spiritual warfare. 


La Tanya also works with churches and ministry groups to  build intercessory prayer teams, train ministry teams and leaders, as well as train corporate prayer teams.

Mobilizing a nation of

Bold Prayer Warriors & Fearless Intercessors

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Think you know all there is to prayer?


Training and mentoring through The Prayer Portal is NOT your average training on prayer. 

It is intense training and activation on prayer. 

You will be stretched, pushed and stretched some more with an end-result...a radical prayer life!

Those attending group mentoring sessions with La Tanya are imparted



All training offered through TPP School of Prayer is created to educate and empower you areas of prayer, intercession, spiritual warfare and deliverance ministry.  Training is interactive and application driven. 

  • Bi-weekly sessions

  • Online learning via Zoom

  • Live prayer and impartation

  • Access to recorded sessions 

  • Inclusion in private group 

  • Training resources

  • Monthly In-Group Q & A​​


Those who go through training will learn:​

  • Basic, Intermediate and Advance level training

  • Strategies for spiritual warfare

  • Biblical truths, practical application and real-life scenarios about prayer, intercession and spiritual warfare

  • Skills for spiritual growth to prepare you to advance the Kingdom of God

  • Deliberate and intentional disciplines for prayer, warfare and intercession

The Prayer Portal School of Prayer

Fall Training Starts >>>> 09/25/21




All I can say is, if you’re ready and serious about taking your prayer life to the next level, you need this training! La Tanya is dedicated to making your journey to powerful, effectual, prayer an attainable goal. She is a great teacher who will guide you step by step with outlined and detailed Word-based instruction on how to access the throne room of God where prayers are heard and answered! Life changing.

M. Frazier, Pearland, TX

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